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Never Sleeping Records

Gianfranco Continenza – compositions – electric and acoustic guitar
Michael Manring – fretless bass
Oreste Sbarra – drums

After the successes of the last two Gianfranco Continenza’s albums
“The Past Inside The Present” – ESC Records feat. Bill Evans and Scott Kinsey (that was on the first position of the Top 100 chart of Jazz/Fusion guitar of Tower Records USA) and “Dusting The Time” – Videoradio feat. Bob Mintzer, Mark Egan, John Beasley, Michael Manring, Tetsuo Sakurai, Don Mock (the was mentioned as one of the best Jazz/Fusion Records of the 2014 from the famous american magazine GUITAR PLAYER) Continenza presents his new album “Vertical Horizons” – Never Sleeping Records recorded in trio with the famous virtuoso american bassist Michael Manring and the great italian drummer Oreste Sbarra.

1)Deep sensations
2)With no emotions
3)It’s raining inside
4)Vertical horizons
5)Hold’s worth
6)From my window
7)Too long ago
8)Ghost B7
9)Hold’s worth (acoustic version)

ProduCed by Claudio Citarella - Executive producer Gianni Reale
Compositions and arrangements written by Gianfranco Continenza
Recorded on the 8th, 9th and 10th of March 2019 by the sound engineer Marcello Malatesta at “The Spheres Studio” in Montesilvano (Italy)
Mixed and mastered by Antonio Di Donato at the “A-Sheep Records Studio” in Roccascalegna (Italy)
Artwork by Daniele Aramu
Gianfranco’s photos by Domenico Stratos Photography
The song “Hold’s worth” is dedicated to the guitar genius Allan Holdsworth that I composed for him the same day he passed away.

Liner Notes for Gianfranco Continenza Recording “Vertical Horizons” by Mark Egan

Master guitarist Gianfranco Continenza has assembled a super power trio featuring two world-renowned musicians, fretless bassist Michael Manring and drummer Oreste Sbarra.
The eight original compositions written by Gianfranco are perfect vehicles for this adventurous improvisational outing. His composing skills are constantly evolving and this recording is one giant step forward in his individual composing career. The songs create a varied palette of moods to include high-energy powerful electric journeys to very intimate acoustical moods featuring Gianfranco on acoustic guitar. The thread that ties this project together is the choice of compositions and the interaction and simpatico in the performance between these virtuosos. It’s also interesting to note that all of the compositions are within three to four minutes that makes for very direct and to the point statements.
Even though the songs are seemingly complicated harmonically, melodically and rhythmically, the trio performs them effortlessly while making strong musical statements that allows each player to express their virtuoso styles.
Gianfranco is at his best throughout this recording playing with fresh ideas and his signature guitar style and sound both on electric and acoustic.
As a bassist and fan of Michael Manring, it’s a especial treat to hear him featured in this adventurous trio setting. His sound and grooves are solid as he connects seamlessly with master drummer Oreste and his recorded sound is gorgeously clear, deep and expressive. Gianfranco gives Michael plenty of solo space to feature his virtuoso technique on fretless bass.
There is a deep communication between this dynamic trio and a constant musical conversation as they react to each other while both supporting and leading the other trio members.
This is a cutting edge recording that I highly recommend to fans of both progressive jazz fusion and progressive rock.

                                                                                                     Mark Egan 4/15/2019

Produced by Gianfranco Continenza
Executive producer Beppe Aleo
All compositions written by Gianfranco Continenza
(except One Word written by John McLaughlin)  
All arrangements by Gianfranco Continenza
except: drums arrangements, percussion arrangements on tracks 5 & 10 and Keyboards programming on track 8 by Walter Martino, percussion arrangement and on track 9 by Ernesttico
Recorded by Walter Martino at his home studio in Portoferraio, Isola D’Elba (Italy) except: the string quartet on track 13 recorded by Paolo Martorana at the Ananas Studios in Ferrara (Italy) and the percussion on track 9 recorded by Diego P8 at the Stefano Dal Col’s Art Music srl Studios in Bassano Del Grappa (Italy)
Mixed and mastered by Antonio Di Donato at A-SHEEP RECORDS in Roccascalegna (Italy)
Artwork by Daniele Aramu
Gianfranco’s photos by pietroinside

I’ve continued a long-distance email relationship with Gianfranco Continenza since our years together at GIT in LA. Back then, he was a shy, quiet student, who was taking in all he could about guitar playing. As the years passed Gianfranco has blossomed into a true artist, who has a talent for not only virtuoso guitar playing but a talent for composing interesting and wonderful tunes. His CDs have demonstrated a path of growth and exploration into all areas of Jazz and Fusion music. For this CD, our long distance relationship evolved into a musical venture as Gianfranco invited me play on one of the tunes. “Dinner on Melrose Avenue” is a wonderful (and difficult!) composition Gianfranco wrote as a memento of a great dinner we had together at an Italian restaurant on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles. Modern technology allowed us to record our acoustic guitars while being 6000 miles apart. The result came out great!
As far as the rest of the tracks on the CD are outstanding. Gianfranco followed the two must important rules for “Dusting The Time”: have fine compositions and use great players. Gianfranco’s compositions are filled with surprises and interesting directions, and with the addition of some of American, Japanese and European finest players the performances are superb. Walter Martino supplied strong and creative drumming on the demanding charts. Bass players Dino D’Autorio, Tetsuo Sakurai, Adriano Brunelli, Michael Manring and Lorenzo Feliciati all sound like guys I would love to be playing with. John Beasley really comes through as a talented keyboard player, including his fine acoustic performance on “Things Could Change”. Several other players augmented the scope of the music with equally fine playing, which all adds up to an amazing collection of 13 powerful tracks. Tunes at this high level require multiple listenings to fully appreciate all the musical details. I’m really proud of that quite shy kid from Italy, who is now showing the teacher a thing or two about modern guitar playing and composing.

Don Mock

1. Dusting The Time (4’ 28”)
Gianfranco Continenza » guitar
Bob Mintzer » tenor sax
Alessandro Centofanti » electric piano
Dino D’Autorio » bass
Walter Martino » drums

2. Swingin’ Into Reggae (7’ 10”)
Gianfranco Continenza » guitar
Bob Mintzer » soprano sax
John Beasley » piano
Michael Manring » bass
Walter Martino » drums

3. Under My Fingers (8’ 19”)
Gianfranco Continenza » guitar
Alessandro Centofanti » electric piano
Sergey Boykov » keyboards
Michael Manring » bass
Walter Martino » drums

4. Walkin’ Your Way (6’ 29”)
Gianfranco Continenza » guitar
Bob Mintzer » soprano sax
John Beasley » piano
Michael Manring » bass
Walter Martino » drums

5. Back To Beck (4’ 16”)
Gianfranco Continenza » guitar
Michael Manring » bass
Walter Martino » drums & percussion

6. Things Could Change (5’ 50”)
Gianfranco Continenza » nylon string guitar
John Beasley » piano
Adriano Brunelli » double bass
Walter Martino » drums

7. Face The Truth (7’ 32”)
Gianfranco Continenza » guitar
Alessandro Centofanti » organ & electric piano
Tetsuo Sakurai » bass
Federico Righi » drums

8. Mahavishnology (4’ 02”)
Gianfranco Continenza » guitar
Alessandro Centofanti » organ, electric piano & piano
Michael Manring » bass
Walter Martino » drums

9. Dinner On Melrose Avenue (6’ 35”)
Don Mock » nylon string guitar
Gianfranco Continenza » nylon string guitar
Adriano Brunelli » double bass
Ernesttico » percussion & voice

10. No Way Out (6’ 02”)
Gianfranco Continenza » guitar
Michael Manring » bass
Walter Martino » drums & percussion

11. Red Clouds (3’ 05”)
Gianfranco Continenza » guitar
Alessandro Centofanti » organ
Lorenzo Feliciati »  bass
Walter Martino » drums & vibraphone

12. One Word (6’ 34”)
Gianfranco Continenza » guitar
Alessandro Centofanti » organ & electric piano
Mark Egan » bass
Walter Martino » drums

13. Moments Gone (4’ 08”)
Gianfranco Continenza » nylon string guitar
Bob Mintzer » soprano sax
Alessandro Centofanti » piano
Adriano Brunelli » double bass
Walter Martino » timpani
Emamuele Marchi » 1st violin
Paolo Marchi » 2nd violin
Nicolò Pasello » viola
Enrico Corli  » cello

ESC 3725
Gianfranco Continenza
The Past Inside the Present
ESC Records 2008

Compra il Cd:

1.    Outside that door   5:25
2.    Happy new funky   6:09
3.    Fragments of soul   5:01
4.    Shadows and lights   6:36
5.    The dominant wave   3:14
6.    One note waltz   5:30
7.    Parallel life   6:42
8.    Soul friend   7:55
9.    The past inside the present   6:12
10.  Labyrinth of mirrors   3:45

Gianfranco Continenza - guitars
Bill Evans - tenor & soprano sax
Scott Kinsey - keyboards
Angelo Trabucco - keyboards
Maurizio Rolli - bass
Dante Melena – drums

“On his debut release "The Past Inside The Present" italian guitarist Gianfranco Continenza has chosen fine sidemen who perform his original music with finesse and ease. The music on this recording is a complex fusion of progressive and funky elements. Gianfranco has composed and put together 10 pieces that serve as a launching pad for, at times breathtaking work from Bill Evans, Maurizio Rolli, Scott Kinsey, Dante Melena, and Angelo Trabucco. The abilities Gianfranco brings to this date are formidable. Like many a Musicians Institute alumnus, he has chops of such hyper proficiency a listener can do little but stand amazed - but Gianfranco is more than a capable player: Gianfranco has chosen a difficult complex path for himself but he´s obviously having a gas following it. There´s a light, warm, familiar feeling to Gianfranco´s music. The compositions are well crafted and are harmonically, rhythmically and melodically superb, Gianfranco´s guitar playing was full of energy, exploration and sheer chops. Gianfranco seems to be able to move seamlessly from soulful gut wrenching playing to soaring technically astounding passages.”
Ulrich Vormehr – ESC Records



ESC 3749
ESC Records 2014

Back To Beck  (4:14)
(composed by Gianfranco Continenza)
WALTER MARTINO / drums & percussion

Italian guitarist Gianfranco Continenza has justifiably gained acclaim as a Jazz/Fusion guitar wizard, racking up credits with the likes of Billy Cobham, Joe Diorio, Jimmy Bruno, Phil Upchurch, Vic Juris, Don Mock, Bob Mintzer, Bill Evans, Dean Brown, John Beasley, Mark Egan, John Stowell, Carl Verheyen, etc.
He performed and recorded with many world famous artists like Bill Evans, Joe Diorio, Mark Egan, Don Mock, Bob Mintzer, John Beasley, Michael Manring, Tetsuo Sakurai, Jeff Richman, Scott Kinsey, Jamie Findlay, Barrett Tagliarino, Richard Smith, John Stowell, Marco Minnemann, Ray Riendeau and many others in the world music scene.
On "Back To Beck", his own composition, Continenza has chosen a "super trio" with the world famous virtuoso bassist Michael Manring and the great drummer Walter Martino.
He’s endorsing DV MARK Amps, D’ORAZIO Strings, APS Guitars, JACOLAND Guitars, HIPSHOT Products, MAMA Pickups,  EVENTIDE, WEGEN Picks.

Recorded by Walter Martino at his home studio in Rome (Italy)
Mixed and mastered by Antonio Di Donato at A-SHEEP RECORDS in Roccascalegna (Italy)

Produced by Gianfranco Continenza
Photo by pietroinside

Gianfranco Continenza appears by courtesy of VIDEORADIO


ESC 3735
Mahavishnu Re-Defined II
ESC Records 2010

(composed by Gianfranco Continenza)

Gianfranco Continenza - guitar
Alessandro Centofanti - keyboards
Michael Manring - bass
Walter Martino - drums

CD 1
1. KAI BRÜCKNER / The Dance Of Maya 5.47
2. MADS TOLLING / Starmaker Machinery 8.10
3. CHRISTOPHER SCHREINER / Miles Beyond  4:59
4. SURINDER SANDHU feat. Steve Vai / The Little Hindu 2.56
5. NAT JANOFF / Are You The One?  6.01
6. DON MOCK / Sentilla's Dance  5.40
7. MAHAVISHNU PROJECT / One Word (Resolution)  4.11
8. JOHN STOWELL / Windchaser  6.02
9. CHRIS MASSEY's forever sharp and vivid feat. David Torn / Gore  2.21
10. ALLEN HINDS / My Foolish Heart  5.46
11. BRUCE ARNOLD / 12 Tone Boogie  5:01
12. MYCHAEL POLLARD / I Wonder  8.05

CD 2
1. ALI NEANDER / Celestial Terrestrial Commuters  3.53
2. THE JEFF GAUTHIER GOATETTE / House Of Return 7.17
3. BON LOZAGA / Can't Stand The Funk  5.08
4. GEORGE COLLIGAN & MAD SCIENCE / Keeping Pace Ruff  5.53
5. STEVE TOPPING / The Life Divine  2.40
6. BILL HART / Thanks Mah  4.52
7. MARK WINGFIELD / Hope  5.07
8. REZ ABASSI / Snake Charmer  8.01
9. CLAUDE PAULY / Quiet Moves  7.48
10. ASAF SIRKIS / The Inner Noise Hymn  7.40
11. GIANFRANCO CONTINENZA / Mahavishnology  4.02
12. THE TRIO OF STRIDENCE / Vital Transformation  5.17
13. JAMIE FINDLAY / Very Early  4.59

Here we are - with Part 2 - of our tribute to John McLaughlin & the Mahavishnu Orchestra! "MAHAVISHNU Re-Defined 2" is a another double CD compilation featuring tracks by various modern artists either creating their own dynamic arrangements of John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra - compositions or producing original sonic paintings based on Mahavishnu consciousness. Featured are: KAI BRÜCKNER, MADS TOLLING, CHRISTOPHER SCHREINER (a.k.a. The Guy), SURINDER SANDHU featuring STEVE VAI, NAT JANOFF, DON MOCK, JOHN STOWELL, das MAHAVISHNU PROJECT, CHRIS MASSEY mit DAVID TORN und Dave CasT, ALLEN HINDS, BRUCE ARNOLD, MYCHAEL POLLARD, ALI NEANDER, JEFF GAUTHIER and his GOATETTE Ensemble, BON LOZAGA (Ex-Gong, Gongzilla), GEORGE COLLIGAN, STEVE TOPPING, BILL HART, MARK WINGFIELD, REZ ABASSI, CLAUDE PAULY (with KAI ECKHARDT), ASAF SIRKIS, GIANFRANCO CONTINENZA w/ MICHAEL MANRING, THE TRIO OF STRIDENCE und JAMIE FINDLAY.


ESC 3723
Mahavishnu Re-Defined
Double Cd Tribute
ESC Records 2008

One Word
(J. McLaughlin)

Gianfranco Continenza - guitar
Alessandro Centofanti - keyboards
Mark Egan - bass
Walter Martino - drums

CD 1
1. GARY HUSBAND / Celestial Terrestrial Commuters   4:38
2. NGUYEN LE / Dding Dek   5:02
3. MITCHEL FORMAN / Thousand Island Park   4:04
4. PASCAL BOURNET / Guardian Angels    2:14
5.R BIG BAND feat: BILLY COBHAM / Eternity's Breath Pt: 1 +  2    6:41
6. RON THALER / Some Timeless      6:33
7. MAHAVISHNU PROJECT / Sanctuary    10:18
8. JIM BEARD / In All Her Finery    3:25
9. PETE McCANN / JM     6:23
10. JOHN STOWELL / A Lotus On Irish Streams    4:56
11. TRINITY XPERIMENT / Visions Of Fire     8:24
12. LUCAS PICKFORD & STEVE HUNT / The Wish     8:29
13. GUSTAVO ASSIS-BRASIL / The Same Day     6:25

CD 2
1. WILD STRINGS QUARTET / Trilogy     8:58
2. JOHN BRUSCHINI / Way Down       9:07
3. RADIO STRING QUARTET VIENNA / Meeting Of The Spirits   5:29
4. DENNIS CHAMBERS / Paris On Mine   6:06
5. GÖRAN KLINGHAGEN TRIO / Do You Hear The Voices That You Left Behind    5:37
6. MAHAVISHNU PROJECT STRING QUARTET / La Mere De La Mer   2:25 / Smile of the Beyond   5:03
7. VIC STEVENS / Would you like to dance?     5:06
8. KIMO WILLIAMS & KIMOTION / John's Blues    9:38
9. PASCAL BOURNET & 10. ENRIQUE ALBERTI / Open Country Joy    2:22
10. GIANFRANCO CONTINENZA / One Word    6:40
11. MADS TOLLING / Song for John   7:58
12. RICHARD SMITH / Cosmic Strut  4:27

With the rediscovery of jazz and fusion roots by a new generation, the Mahavishnu Orchestra stands out as one of the most influential artists of the genre. This is a brand new and extraordinary compilation featuring an incredibly wide assemblage of musicians, most of whom, although likely unknown to listeners, have not only been influenced by McLaughlin and his Mahavishnu Orchestra, but are going on to create spectacular and unique music that ventures far beyond that of their mentors. Feat. Nguyên Lê, Dennis Chambers, Jim Beard, Jon Herington, Radio String Quartet, Mitch Forman, Billy Cobham, Gary Husband, John Patitucci, Pete McCann, Ron Thaler, Gregg Bendian, John Stowell, Gianfranco Continenza, Mark Egan, Trinity, Mahavishnu Project, Steve Hunt & Lucas Pickford, Pascal Bournet, and many more.
"Gianfranco Continenza is an extraordinary musician and one of the hottest guitar players in Italy. Gianfranco is a real treat to listen to. A great guitar playing, composition, and a really fantastic band that plays together! For the John McLaughlin classic One Word. He is joined by former Pat Metheny member Mark Egan on bass and his long time partners Alessandro Centofanti on keyboards and Walter Martino on drums. These four musicians can handle the pure energy level of the original track.”
Ulrich Vormehr – ESC Records


Alessandro Chiozzi
Circulating Energy
Settetre Music 2021

1. High Fever 5:00
2. Want to have lunch 3:52
3. Song for Sofia 3:58
4. Around the heart 4:07
5. Huh, Jazz! 4:24
6. What will be 3:59
7. A moment 3:49
8. Lyle 4:37
9. Before runnin’ away 4:56
10. Oriental suite 5:47

Arranged by: Adriano brunelli & alessandro chiozzi
mixed & mastered @ ananas studio by paolo martorana
All songs composed by Alessandro Chiozzi
Alessandro Chiozzi: Piano, Keyboard
Gianfranco Continenza: Electric Guitar in tracks 4, 5, 8, 9
Riccardo Guirrini: Sax in tracks 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10
Adriano Brunelli: Bass
Stefano Peretto: Drums in tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 10
Roberto Toschi: Drums in tracks 1, 3, 5, 8, 9

Massimo Severino (Feat. Bob Mintzer)
The Branched Tree
Hydra Music 2017

Nicola Trivarelli
Strange kind of blues

Sergey Boykov
Falling Skies
Powerprog 2015

1. Spider Dance
2. Sea Of Tranquility
3. Falling Skies
4 .Island Of Dreams
5. Never Turn Back
6. Solitary
7. Everything Can Change
8. New Birth Of Freedom

Sergey Boykov (Keyboards & Synthesizers on all tracks)
Hedras Ramos (Guitars on track 1 and 4)
Fabrizio Leo (Guitars on track 2)
Joop Wolters (Guitars on track 2 and 3)
Thiago Trinsi (Guitars on track 2 and 4)
Gianfranco Continenza (Guitars on track 1 and 4)
Gianluca Ferro (Guitars on track 5 and 8)
Jonas Tamas (Guitars on track 6 and 7)
Atanas Shishkov (Guitars on track 7)
Alberto Bollati (Bass on track 5 and 8)
Alberto Rigoni (Bass on track 2 and 7)
Arran McSporran (Bass on track 3 and 6)
Ray Riendeau (Bass on track 1 and 4)
Marco Minnemann (Drums on track 1)
Sebastian Persini (Drums on track 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8)
Garry King (Drums on track 3 and 7)

Adriano Brunelli
Art of B(r)ass

1. Bass & Table     3:58
2. No Theme    5:25
3. Settembre    4:42
4. Fuuunk    4:39
5. I Remembered    6:34
6. Fragments    4:54
7. Mr Perez    4:36
8. Teen Town    3:14

Adriano Brunelli - bass, double bass & keyboards
Gianfranco Continenza - guitar
Adriano Pancaldi - sax
Ellade Bandini, Federico Righi, Stefano Peretto, Lele Barbieri, etc. - drums

by Angelo Trinchini
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